Fraud Prevention Webinar

Cohosted by NetGuardians and NEVIS

Driven by the challenges of digitalization banking systems are becoming increasingly open and interconnected. Professional fraudsters are using this to their advantage creating new threats and increased fraud risks. While it is estimated that cyber fraud will increase to $6 trillion by 2021, traditional anti-fraud methods are proving ineffective and reactive.


NetGuardians' anti-fraud system is based on state-of-the-art technology and algorithms. With this solution banks have reduced the number of suspicious cases (false positives) by 80% and the time taken to investigate these cases by 93%. At the same time, they were able to reduce fraud losses and improve the customer experience.


At the "Fraud Prevention Webinar" of our partner NetGuardians, participants obtained first-hand information from our fraud experts: Dieter Lüscher, Business Development Manager at NetGuardians, and Guido Scholz, Technical Pre-Sales Consultant at NEVIS, who treated the following questions and topics:

  • What are the latest challenges of modern mobile banking?
  • What makes mobile banking vulnerable to cybercriminal threats?
  • How do banks use contextual authentication and AI technology to prevent mobile banking fraud in real-time?
  • Hands-on examples


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NEVIS presents: Mobile Banking is Now!

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End users demand a uniform, secure and consistent customer experience in online banking. The NEVIS Security Suite provides just that: it protects your digital services with mechanisms that continuously assess the risks and ensure a high level of protection without compromising the user experience.



Guido Scholz, IAM Technical Pre-Sales Consultant, NEVIS Security GmbH / AdNovum Informatik AG

Interested but missed the webinar? Contact us and get access to the replay.


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